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Dicro Slide Magenta-Green Dichroic Decal

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  • Dichroic Decal Magenta-Green Dicro Slide paper in 2 sizes 8 x 8 of 4 x 4
  • Magenta Green Dicro Slide Scraps
$3.49 - $59.99


Dicro Slide Magenta-Green Dichroic Paper in 4" x 4" or 8" x 8" or Scrap:  Each piece of Scrap is a reverse cut of one of many Dicro Decal Designs created using Magenta/Green. Each bag will vary by design and sometimes hold several design shapes or small rectangluar pieces.   Perfectly priced for the frugal and creative artist!

Dicro Slide is Dichroic coating in the form of a Decal for so you can cut apply it to the surface of any COE glass and some ceramics just like any other waterslide decal.  It lets you add a dichroic to any COE glass, glass bevels or glazed ceramic project.
The color shifts as your visual angle changes when looking at it and the base glass color will also change the base color. The Dicro Slidetm sheet will look shiny and light in color before firing it in your kiln. 

Get creative and cut out shapes using scissors or punches.  
NOTE: Cut the special Dicro Slidetm paper with scissors or paper punches!

- Works with ALL Fusible COE levels for Glass
- Works on Glazed Ceramics & Window Glass
- Cuts with Scissors, Paper Punches, or other cutting tools
- Dicro Slide fires on top or between layers of any glass
- Soak in water, slide onto glass and fire.

See our Dicro Slide Tips & Tricks for more detailed instructions

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