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American Flag Decals II Fused Glass Decal

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American Flag Decals II Fused Glass Decal

The United States flag is flown at half staff to pay respect to fallen public figures or soldiers.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to retire a United States flag if it has touched the ground. Just correct the situation immediately and if the flag has been dirtied, clean it by hand.

Qty 3 Small Flags, Dimensions: (1 inch diameter)

Qty 2 Medium Flags, Dimensions: (1 3/4 H x 2 W inches)
Qty 1 Large Flag, Dimensions: (2 1/2 W x 3 1/4 W inches)

Best Used: Fire each waters;ode decal in a Kiln at a tack fuse. Best fired as a surface decal, do not cap with glass or the color may fade. To attain a vivid color fire onto a light colored base.

Low to Hi Fire: Can be kiln fired from 1,325 to 1,445 F degrees. (Lower temperature may preserve color clarity)

Read Free Glass Tips and Tricks for colored decals to achieve best results.

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