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How to use Glow in the Dark Powders

How to Use Glow in the Dark Powders

Application (We recommend that you always wearing a mask):

Step 1: Apply a very thin coat of Painters Medium or watered down Elmer's Glue to the surface of the glass and sift a thin layer of glow power over it.

Step 2: Turn upside down and tap off the excess, return to a sealed package.

Step 3: Glow Powder works best when fused with either a layer of clear/transparent frit or glass. If used as the top layer by itself it will produce a sandy like surface but will continue to hold its glowing power.

Step 4: It is best to have the outer edge of the surface free from the glow powder. This will allow the clear glass cap to adhere and seal in the glow powder.

Ultra Green Glow in the Dark Powder:

  • Brightness Rating: Very High (25914).
  • Duration: Very Long (12+ hours).
  • Glow Color: Green-Yellow.
  • Daytime Color: Almost Clear with White-Green Tint.
  • Compatible with water-based mediums that are not acidic.

Ultra Blue Glow in the Dark Powder:

  • Brightness Rating: Very High (9416).
  • Duration: Very Long (9 hours).
  • Glow Color: Aqua Blue.
  • Daytime Color: Almost Clear with White-Green Tint.
  • Not compatible with water-based mediums.
  • Very Bright, Long Duration, Unique Color.

General Overview: Ultra Green & Blue Glow in the Dark Powder is the brightest glow in the dark pigment currently being manufactured. It can be used in a variety of mediums including glass, plastic, paint, fiberglass, concrete, wax, and gel.

Brightness and Duration: Ultra Green & Blue Glow in the Dark Powder are the brightest glow in the dark pigments available anywhere. In the first seconds after charging, it is brighter than the popular Glow Sticks. Ultra Green & Blue Glow in the Dark Powder is 10 times brighter than the popular Zinc-based glow in the dark products commonly available. It will continue to glow for days but humans can only see it for about 12 hours after a full charge.

Medium Compatibility: Earth Aluminates pigments are soluble in water and decompose in acid. This means that they will lose some brightness when mixed into water-based mediums. Acids will completely destroy their glow.

This means they are great for solvent, oil, or wax based products, molten glass or plastic. The pigments can be used in water-based mediums such as paint and concrete, but they will continue to loose a small amount of brightness over time until the water fully evaporates.

Other color pigments in the medium will sometimes shield the glow pigments preventing them from charging as fast or glowing as brightly. Therefore, we suggest clear mediums when possible.

Ultraviolet filters in mediums may block the ability for glow pigments to charge. This can both increase charge time or lower brightness depending on the quantity and quality of the ultraviolet filters. Most paint manufacturers will have special order product SKUs for non-ultraviolet filter versions of their paint.


  • Ultra Green Glow Powder actually glows a green-yellow color, also known as lime.
  • Ultra Blue Glow Powder actually glows a blue-green color, also known as turquoise.
  • Both are a translucent white when not glowing and visible in a lit room.

Daytime Color, Opacity, Transparency, and Translucence: When mixed into a medium, the Ultra line of products are translucent when in a lit room and glow brightly after a charge in a dark room. This means they are almost unnoticeable during the day when used properly. Since the paint does have a slight white tint it is even more unnoticeable on light or white surfaces. Thicker applications or those on a dark background will still be translucent, but more noticeable. There is no such product as a "daytime transparent" glow paint or pigments as you may have seen advertised. But the Ultra and our other lines marked "almost clear" are relatively close to transparent when used properly.

CAUTION - If contact occurs:

  • FOR EYES: Wash with generous amount of water for several minutes, get medical attention if irritation persists.
  • FOR INHALATION: remove to fresh air.
  • IF INGESTED: Do NOT induce vomiting, get immediate medical attention.
9th Jun 2018 Ann Sanborn

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