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How to use Dichroic Dazzlers

Dicro Dazzlers™ are dots of Dichroic Glass.

Dicro Dazzlers™ are also sometimes call Dichroic glass beads, Dichroic Jewels.

This product has stunning results equivalent to the look of crystal beads and Rhinestones. Each measures on average 2mm in size although they vary from 1mm to 3mm and some of this is determined by the nature of the glass selection and how it fires to form the ball.

Great care has been taken in the glass selection process to produce the Dicro Dazzlers™ with as much consistency in size as possible.

Glass colors and dichroic coatings vary so it is important to read the descriptions. Dicro Dazzlers™ can either be fired in a kiln at a tack fuse (to bond the dichroic coating to the glass base) or you can use adhesives to bond to any surface. We have found very good results using Triolyse, E 6000 and UV adhesives.

Because the glass has color and then it has a dichroic bottom, as with all dichroic glass, the color will shift depending upon the base glass color. As always, black glass base will intensify the color and reflection of the Dicro Dazzler™ versus a color or white base glass. We suggestion setting the Dicro Dazzlers™ on the base glass you intend to use and to determine the best combination before proceeding with your design.

Recommended Tools:

  • Use our #41602 Bead Tweezers with cup to manage the Dicro Dazzlers™.
  • Tooth picks, plain, not colored to move them around when gluing.
  • Diamond Ball Burr, Drill Bit. (We have successfully also used our Glastar 1/8 Drill Bit #41619, held at an angle.)

Recommended Adhesives:

  • Elmer’s glue (only, as it will burn off and Generic substitute leave residue.)
  • Hotline Painter’s Medium. Although it is meant for paints and mica powders, because it is thicker, it holds Dicro Dazzlers™ perfectly in place and will burn off with no residue.
  • Spray-A, although it is not an adhesive, does provide a tacky surface to hold and will burn off without residue.
  • Not cleaning the finding properly to remove all of the oils off the metal surface.
  • Applying too much activator by not wiping the brush on the neck of the bottle first.
  • Not washing off your hands and getting oils onto the Dicro Dazzlers™ or Base Glass.
  • Not allowing the glue to dry.

Tack Fuse:

  • Best results when tack fused to surface of glass but on curved glass surfaces: use a small diamond ball burr bit to drill a divot into the surface of the glass to set in the Dicro Dazzlers™ and use a glass adhesive to ensure it will not move until fired.
  • Position the Dicro Dazzlers™ dichroic side down to produce a jewel-like sparkle.
  • Preparation: When tack fusing to the surface of the glass, apply a burn off adhesive such as Elmer’s Glue TM, Spray-A, or a painter’s medium to hold the Dicro Dazzlers™ in place until tack bonding has occurred.
  • Do not try to tack fuse Dicro Dazzlers™ directly onto a any COE glass base or use with Silver Clay.

Full Fuse: Dicro Dazzlers™ are NOT recommended for use at a full fuse and they may not be compatible with all COE of glass. Tack fuses work because you are only bonding the dichroic coating between the Dicro Dazzlers™ and the base glass.

9th Jun 2018 Ann Sanborn

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