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Bracelet Disc - Loop Sterling Silver Plated 8 1/4 inch

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Bracelet Disc - Loop Sterling Silver Plated  8 1/4 inch with Glue on Pads

This is the perfect bracelet to add your own custom fused glass to each disc, glue on pad will hold up to a 9 mm circle. At 8 1/4 inch (209.55 mm) long for a great fit! The fold over clasp locks securely so it will not easily open and fall off.  The entire bracelet plated in Sterling Silver Plated over Steel to make it durable with daily activity. Attach your jewelry artwork with glue or solder.

  • Overall Dimension: 8 1/4 inch (209.55 mm) long
  • Glue on Pad: Each Disc of the 13 pads are 9mm in diameter.
  • Loop: 14 9mm connecting loops
  • Clasp: is a fold over style for secure locking.

Tip: To attach a small fused glass design and make beautiful wearable jewelry, simply glue art glass to the pad with either our E6000 or Epoxy Adhesive.  Always clean the pad and glass with rubbing alcohol to remove any oil or dirt from the surface before glueing.

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