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Christmas Winter

Christmas Winter

Christmas Winter

COE96 Pre-cut Christmas Winter Glass Ornament Wafer Shapes

A Glass Ornament defines Christmas!Holiday themed COE 96 precut Glass Wafer shapes are the perfect decorative accessory glass for making handmade Christmas glass ornament designs. Made from COE96 Oceanside Glass (Spectrum Glass Powder formulas) they provide unique, integrated and 3D glass shapes. At 1mm thick, cut them with scissors to shape, keep the Christmas ornament light weight for hanging on a Christmas tree. 

Christmas and Winter themed glass wafer shapes on a Clear Blank ornaments means Glass Fusion Art will never be the same again! We call them Glass Candy Wafers because they are fun, simple to cut with scissors making it a fast, and it is a customizable accessory glass everyone can use!

Go Fusing with a precut COE96 Glass Wafer in holiday designs & make a glass ornament!

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