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COE 90 Precut Fusible Glass Circles 3/4 inch 20mm

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COE 90 Precut Fusible Glass Circle, 3/4 inch (25.4 mm) for Jewelry Making

Made with Bullseye Glass, the 3/4 inch circle is a perfect jewelry making size for fused glass jewelry when you want to add more accessory glass to your deisgn and still perform a full fuse in the kiln. Because the more glass you layer the bigger diameter you end up with for your fused glass pendant.  When used by itself with minimum glass embellishments it is light weight enough and still durable to use for make a center design for a bracelett. You can also add a small pieace of thin Dichroic glass or a simple decal design in a high fire enamel! 

Colors Available:  Opaque: Black, White; Transparent: Clear
Dimensions: 3/4 inch (20 mm) diameter X 3mm Thick
Glass Manufacturer:  Bullseye Glass Company
Clear: BE1100-83F
Black Opaque: BE0100-30F
White Opaque: BE0113-30F
Precut Glass Thickness: 3mm

Made in the USA 

COE 90 Precut Fusible Glass 3/4 inch Circle is perfect for fused glass Jewelry Making!

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