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COE96 Fusible Glass Pebble Polka Dot - Easter Green Opaque

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Polka Dots in the COE96 Easter Green Opaque, is also called Pastel Green!

This is a light and airy pastel green that reminds you of an Easter shade!  As a small glass dot it is a perfect spring color and perfect as a decorative glass accent! Because it is a pastel shade you can pair it with an opposing color in the orange field to create visual interest.  Peach is a pastell that would work well with green.

  • Size:       Approximately 1/4" (6.7 mm) in diameter 
  • Quantity: Approximately 50 per pack
  • Glass Manufacturer: Spectrum Glass SP222-72SF
    Now owned by Oceanside Glass & Tile

Easter Green Polk Dots will help you bring on spring!  Go Fusing!

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