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Flash Sales

Flash Sales

Flash Sales

 Flash Sales run 1 to 3 days on Selected Glass Accessory items!

Flash Sales will be Fusible Decorative Glass and accessories, selected at random and be a temporary sales item!

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    Spectrum Red Opal COE96 Fusible Sheet Glass, 250-72SF

    Spectrum Red Opal COE96 Fusible Sheet Glass

    Oceanside Compatible System 96 Spectrum

    $4.32 - $7.99
    Spectrum System 96® 240-72SF Red Opal COE96 Fusible Sheet Glass Red Opal Sheet Glass is a smooth fusible Stained Glass. It is one of the hottest colors made, has a full opacity and is a true red. It is not to be confused with Cherry Red which is...
    $4.32 - $7.99