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Fused Glass Enamel Paint Threads Mixed Colors Kiln Fire

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  • Fused Glass Enamel Paint Threads Mixed Colors Kiln Fire
  • Fused Glass Enamel Paint Threads Mixed Colors Kiln Fire
  • Color Crazed Fused Glass Heart Project 025


Fused Glass Enamel Paint Threads Mixed Colors. Kiln Fire for Metal Enameling & Precious Metals.

These glass Enamel Paint threads, are fun, fun, fun!  Great to add color splashes, twists or random designs. 

Weight: Each container contains 1/2 ounce (15 grams)

Dimension:Each thread varies in thickness and a few vary in shape but most are thin straight pieces.

  • Color:  8 Vibrant Enamel Paint colors, Red White, Yellow, Green, Blue
  • Applications: Fused Glass COE 90, COE 96 or float (window) glass:  Metals: copper, gold, silver, steel and Metal Clay
  • Lead Free: Yes, Eco Friendly and Food Safe and Made in the USA!
  • Kiln Temperature: Best Results: Fire to a full fuse of at least 1450º F in a glass kiln or cone 015-016 in a ceramic kiln. Can be cured at 1325º F but colors may not spread out as much on the glass surface.
    Note:  Fusing glass enamel paints will hold their color to a much higher temperature when used on ceramic or porcelain bisque.

1. Cut them, bend them using a candle flame or just sprinkle them onto your glass and fire to a full fuse.

2. You can use them separately or as an enhancement with our other Enamel Paints or Bubble Paints for way cool effects!

Learning Guide: Read our Free Tips and Tricks on Fused Glass Enamel Paints

Example: Project 025 Color Crazed Heart Fused Glass Pendant

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4 Reviews

  • 3
    Enamel Paint Threads

    I was pleased with the results after firing, but disappointed with the selection sent. There were many hard, thick blobs and a lot of black.

  • 4
    Shipping Problem

    The product was what I expected but I didn't expect that half it would be shattered to bits due to shipping. Note: We do replace products damage in shipping and wish that you have contacted us at the time the issue occurred. Please contact us to discuss.

  • 4
    Fun, fun, fun.

    I find the paint threads add a party look to the glass bowls I have used it on. So colorful!

  • 4
    Splash of many colrs

    This is my first time using paint threads. I think I could have used them a little thicker on the section of clear glass I put them on. I will learn as I experiment.

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