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Fused Glass Inclusion: Music Treble Clef Brass Set of 5

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  • Fused Glass Inclusion: Music Treble Clef Brass Set of 5
  • Fused Glass Inclusion Fired example Music Treble Clef Brass


Fused Glass Inclusion: Music Treble Clef Brass Set of 5

Brass Music Treble Clef inclusions give your fused glass texture! We have several musical glass accessories such as decals, inclusions and Murrini, consider combining them to create a unique design. Each metal music Treble Clef inclusion is flat with some slightly raised areas.  When layered between glass, make sure to slowly anneal in the cooling stage of your program to handle the difference between the expansion rate of the glass and metal to avoid cracking as the glass, smaller jewelry pieces do not require extra annealing time.

Quantity: 5 per Pack
Each Music Note Dimension: 3/4 H X 1/2 W inch (19.05 H x 12. 7 W mm)

See our Free Tips & Tricks to Learn How to Fused Metal Inclusions into Glass

Fusible Metals: Brass will change colors when fired to a full fuse and the color will vary from a Golden yellow to a rich rust color.  The color will not necessarily be predictable and can vary with the color of the base glass and/or the maximum temperature and saturation time of the full fuse.  Metals can also be painted with enamels and fired prior to fusing between glass layers to enhance the overall effect.

(Note: Not all metals are fusible, we test all of our metals before offering them up to you)

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