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Haik or Hake Brush 2 Sizes 1" or 2 1/2" wide

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  • Fusing Kiln Wash Haik Brush in 2 Sizes 1" or 2 1/2" wide 41601
  • Fusing Kiln Was Haik Brush 2 1/2" wide 41601
  • Fusing Kiln Was Haik Brush 1" wide can also be used with powdered frits or enamel paints, 41601
$3.69 - $9.75


Haki is a Fusing Supply tool used as a Kiln Wash Brush 2 Sizes also used for watercolor painting

Small  Brush Width: 1 inch (25.40mm)
Large Brush Width: 2.5 inch (62.8mm)

Careful application of the kiln primer to your molds is necessary for the effectiveness of kiln primer to keep your glass from fusing to the mold.(confirmed by quality tests).  The Haik brush is excellent for applying slow, even, and continuous strokes to molds and kiln shelves without leaving overlapping layers to create uneven application of your kiln wash. 

The natural fiber bristles of the Haki brushes and  the light bamboo handle makes it easy to use and very durable to multiple applications and cleaning.

Hake is sometimes used but the correct spelling is Haki.

The 1 inch brush is also perfect to use with powder frits and enamel paints because the bristles are so soft there are very few application lines.

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