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Glass Tool - Diamond Glass Grinding Pads Hand Held

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Glass Tool Diamond Glass Grinding Pads

A Hand Held essential item for your fused glass studio.  Great to remove a burrs and round edges.  For frit casted glass it will be a tool in your arselnal that  will frequently.  

Long lasting electroplated diamond hand pads are made of quality diamonds and adhesives to ensure consistent wear. Can be used to hone and/or polish materials such as quartz, glass, ceramics, composites and carbides. Hand pads feature unique diamond patterns so that they remain sharper longer. Color coded for easy identification. 

  • 3 Piece Set.
  • Color coded grits: blue (coarse 180); yellow (medium,260); red (fine,360).
  • Their ideal hand size allows for easy holding or can be easily be clamped down.
  • Use wet or dry.
  • Three layers of diamonds are nickel bonded to a heavy-duty alloy steel frame.
  • Diamond hand-pads work great on marble, glass, hand polishing, glass kiln, and ceramic.


  • Working with hand pads is usually time consuming, but it also affords a feel and an intimacy with the glass that's not usually possible with more elaborate tools.
  • As with most grinding and polishing operations, a typical job calls for using a succession of grits, from coarse to fine.
  • Diamond hand pads are color coded.
  • Start with  180 grit, then proceeds to 260, and 360.
  • Usually 600 grit is about as fine as people use with hand pads on glass; this won't leave a highly polished surface, but it will leave a nice satin sheen.
  • Regardless of the grit you're using, be very cautious if you're working close to areas that you don't want to work with the hand pads.
  • The pads will quickly scratch shiny surfaces.
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