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International Orders

Helpful Tips for our International Customers shopping with Go Fusing!

International Orders of $50 US automatically get 10% deducted from Shipping Cost Automatically! 

NOTE: Cost are auto generated by USPS during checkout but...  
Not to Worry! We Refund Shipping Overcharges once we Ship your order

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We do ship to over 50 countries including Europe, Australia and many more.  
To see the list:
- Add an item to your shopping cart
- Select View Edit Cart
- Click Estimate shipping
- Click Countries 

Recommendations and notes for placing International Orders:

1. Login Accounts: Create a login account and then login when you come to the website to visit or shop.
- This allows your address information to be saved and makes the process of checking out must faster.
- Once logged in, you can create Wish Lists and name them. Wish Lists allow you to save your favorite products, by project or by trade show and keep you organized and also make it faster to order.

2. Gift Certificates: We also offer purchasing Gift Certificates and this allows customer to purchase a larger sum when currency exchange rates are good for them and then use up the certificate over a period of time when exchange rates are not favorable so you can still get products when needed!

3. First Class Mail: Consider 1st class mail as well as Priority mail to save money on shipping. Light weight items like decals, paints, and small precut glass shapes etc. can be grouped together up to 4 lbs, 1.8 kg, can use 1 st class mail.  Also consider getting your glass cut into smaller pieces like strips to reduce the size of the boxes needed to ship your order.

4. Priority Mail Rates: Shipping calculations are not always right on International orders. So we will display a price based upon weight or by dimension to try and save you money.  It is important to note, that we have a standing policy of refunding large shipping over charges.  We recommend you fill in the "Comment" Box on the final checkout screen with any shipping or order concerns.  Use of the Comment Box alert our shipping department to take a closer look at your order and this allows us the opportunity to email our customers before shipment occurs to help meet their needs or requests. 

Note: Our website electronically passes the total weight and dimensions to the USPS computers.  In nanoseconds, they display a shipping cost on the final checkout page for our customers BUT this prices is only an estimate and the computers do not always get it right. 

We work extra hard for you to consolidate your order into the least expensive shipping method and still provide the protective packaging needed to with stand a long international journey to your doorstep.

5. Shipping Time Frames:   First Class mail takes anywhere from 14 to 21 days to reach most International destinations.  During Christmas holidays the delays vary widely mostly because package inspections sit in the Customs Department before being released for final delivery.

Priority mail normally takes 7 to 10 days to arrive but each country's Customs Department processing plays a big role in determining the final delivery date. 

We try to make sure all labeling and forms are accurately completed to avoid delays in deliveries but it is just as important our customers make sure they enter their address information accurately or bring any special details to our attention using the "Comment Box" during the final checkout process.

Please take a minute to read more on International order tracking and more in our Terms and Conditions

Please feel free to email us by replying to your order or using our Contact Us form on our website!

Thank you for choosing to place your orders with, A Sanborn Corporation!