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Murrini in COE96 System 96® Compatible Glass

Murrini are intricate designed forms or scenes or geometics all in a tiny 1/4" to 3/8: diameter glass slices. Murrini cane is different from  Millefiori designs which are all floral. Murrini is considered a decorative glass component made from Murrini cane in COE96 glass which is pulled into a rod form during the molten stage of kiln firing.  Each slice reveals itself in every slice of the cane and often is encapsulated in clear glass! Each slice can be used individually as a component for your design or in mass with several pieces pushed together to create a collage effect. As a decorative component in your design and you won't be disappointed!  

Go Fusing Murrini offerings will continue to expand in colors and design variety.

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    Murrini Millefiori Sliced Pink Hearts Fusible COE96

    Murrini Sliced Pink Hearts Fusible COE96

    Coloritz™ by A Sanborn Corporation

    Murrini Sliced Pink Hearts Fusible COE96 1 oz This is a Go Fusing Exclusive in-house product in a Limited Edition. (they are not perfect, we are still perfecting our skills, but kiln firing fixes most imperfections)  So if you like what you...