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Nautical Anchors Set Fused Glass Decal

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Nautical Anchors Set Fused Glass Decal

This decal is a Fouled Anchor and is the symbol of the US Navy. Foul is a nautical term meaning to entangle or entwine, like when the rope is around the achor. In general it means something is wrong or difficult.

  • Set Quantity includes: 
    3 Small Dimensions: (1 inch diameter)
    2 Medium Anchor Dimensions: (1 3/4 H x 2 W inches)
    1 Large Anchor Dimensions: (2 1/2 W x 3 1/4 W inches)
  • Application:  Fused Glass or Ceramic Waterslide
  • Kiln Fired: Low to Hi Fire at 1,325 to 1,445 F degrees.Lower temperature may preserve color clarity
  • Uses: 
    - Kiln Fired as a Fused Glass or Ceramic Waterslide applications
    - Decoupage crafting. 
    Apply decal on the surface layer. Do not cap with glass or the color may fade when fired in the kiln. Best color results when used on a light opaque background.

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