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Coaster Size Palm Trees Large Square Decal Set of 4

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Set of 4 unique Palm Tree Decals:  Coaster Size, Large Fusible Glass Decal. (Used as a surface only kiln fired glass decal.)
Perfect for making Fusible Glass Coasters, a Tropical Leave project or cut them up to make fusible glass jewelry.

Size: Dimension: (3 3/4 inch Square)

Current Project 056

Use: The tropical Palm Trees are a Waterslide Decal used for Glass. These are surface fired decals. (Do not cap with glass or the color may fade.) Best on white or light opaque colored glass and dichroic. (Read Free Glass Tips and Tricks for colored decals to achieve best results.)

LOW to Hi Fire: Best kiln fired at lower temperatures or as a tack fuse max 1325 F degrees. (Lower temperature will preserve color clarity.)

NOTE: Learn how to correct decal mistakes see our Free  "What Went Wrong with my Glass".

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