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System 96 Glass Frit - F3-2114-96 Chestnut Opalescent COE96

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System 96 Glass Frit # F3-2114-96 is fusible Chestnut Opalescent COE96

This glass looks like a yummy nutty color! Perfect fall color and compliments orange, yellows and reds. Chestnut Frit is an Opalescent frit is perfect for use as a base color or for shadowing artwork in molds but it is also good for roll-ups Torchworking or blown glass.  This frit makes a great accent to any fused glass artwork when creating depth is needed!

Size: Medium grain size, 2oz. or 8 oz. Bag (56.7 Gram or 226.8 gram)

Frit Grain Size Comparison:
Fusible Glass Powder Frits: .13mm to .25mm
Fusible Glass Fine Frits: .25mm to .75mm
Fusible Glass Medium Frits: .75mm to 2.5mm
Fusible Glass Coarse Frits: 2.5mm to 7.6mm

Manufacturer: Uroboros

Opalescent Glass Frit: UR F3-2114-96

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