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Snowmen Families decal fused glass or ceramics

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Snowmen Families decal fused glass or ceramics

There decal has it all! A snowman, snow women and and snow children!  All are having a grand time and celebrating christmas.  Each is wearing color mittens, scarfs and hats to fight out the winter snow falling in the background.   This decal depicts a fun winter outdoor scene!

Dimensions: Each Snowman Decal when cut out is 2 3/4 inches in Height and Width diameter
Or use the entire Strip 8 inches W x 3 inches H

Use: Best used as a surface fired decal at a tack fuse on a light or white surface to insur the colors will stay vivid. (Do not cap with glass or the color may fade.)

ead Free Glass Tips and Tricks for colored decals to achieve best results.

LOW to HI FIRE: Can be kiln fired from 1,225 to 1,325 F degrees. (Best as a tack fuse to preserve color clarity.)

NOTE: Avoid or Correct decal mistakes, see our Free "What Went Wrong with my Glass".

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